BMW M BikeBMW M Bike

BMW를 좋아하는 사람들의 로망이라 할 수 있는 M series..
BMW가 M series를 표방하는 자전거를 내놓았다!!
스타일 참 멋지네~~~~

BMW M Bike. A spectacular combination of technology, luxury and design: the BMW M Bike. Disc brakes and an elegant, matt anthracite frame bearing the M logo, as well as distinctive rims, handles and a saddle inlay in the hallmark BMW M Red, attract attention. Thanks to the longer overall transmission ratio of the derailleur system, this is a speed bike in the true sense of the word. Both in town and off-road, the high-quality leather fi'zi:k saddle with its red inlay guarantees superior ride comfort and perfect support. The Shimano SLX derailleur system is lightweight and robust. The Manitou Match suspension fork on the front wheel is extremelysturdy, while the disc brakes ensure safe stopping. Just like BMW M cars, the BMW M Bike represents sportiness and exclusivity. It will be available in a limited edition by the mid of July.Weight: 12.9 kg. Aluminium frame (AL6061-T6):hydroformed and powder-coated.

€ 1.500,00


 1  [ALTON] T22-EF

용도 : 출퇴근용  
26x17 알루미늄 다이아몬드형 차체  
충격흡수가 탁월한 서스펜션 앞포크  
시마노 이지파이어 원터치 변속레버 21단  
시마노 변속시스템  
알로이 CNC 컬러 림  
사틴피니쉬 라운드 핸들바, 스템  
알로이 시이트포스트  
중량 : 14.3 Kg  
컬러 : 블루 (블루 사진을 못참음 --;;)  
 아직은 자전거만....

갖고 싶은 바이크 No.1
    울트라 클래식 일렉트라

    35,300,000 원
 Length(전장)  2480.0 mm
 Seat Height(시트고)  
Laden(81kg의 라이더 탑승시)  693.4 mm
Unladen(라이더가 미 탑승시)  779.8 mm
 Ground Clearance(지상고)  129.5 mm
 Rake Steering Head/Trail  26.0º / 157.5 mm mm
 Wheelbase(휠 베이스)  1600 mm
 Fuel Capacity(연료탱크 용량)  18.9 L
 Oil Capacity(오일탱크 용량)  3.8 L
Dry Weight(건조중량)  370.0 kg
Running Order(주행 가능상태 중량)  381.0 kg
 Engine(엔진)  Air-cooled, Twin Cam 96™
 Bore x Stroke(보어 × 스트로크)  95.18 mm x 111.13 mm
 Engine Torque(토크)  125.5 nm @ 3500 rpm
 Fuel System(연료방식)  Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI )
 Compression Ratio(압축비)  9.2:1
 100km당 연료소모량  
 Primary Drive(프라이머리)  Chain
 Gear Ratio (기어비)  
1st  9.312
2nd  6.421
3rd  4.774
4th  3.926
5th  3.279
6th  2.790
Front(전)  Black 9 spoke Cast Aluminum
Rear(후)  Black 9 spoke Cast Aluminum
 Tire Size(타이어)  
Front(전)  MT90B16 72H
Rear(후)  MU85B16 77H
 Instruments  Electronic speedometer and tachometer,
 fuel gauge, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge,
 clock (integrated in stereo), ambient air
 temperature gauge, odometer and resettable trip
 meter, 6th speed indication.
 Indicator Lamps  High beam, running lights, front fender light,
 directional light bar, neutral, oil pressure,
 engine diagnostic light, turn signals,
 security system (optional)
 Brakes (diameter x width)  
Front  4-piston
Rear  4-piston
 Exhaust System  Chrome, touring cross-over duals with slash-
 down end caps
 Vivid black, black cherry pearl, black pearl, deep cobalt pearl, Pacific blue pearl (new), 
 white gold pearl (new), two-tone suede blue pearl and vivid black (new), two-tone olive
 pearl and vivid black (new), two-tone black cherry pearl and pewter pearl (new), two-tone
 white gold pearl and deep cobalt pearl (new), two-tone fire red pearl and black pearl (new),
 two-tone deep cobalt pearl and pewter pearl (new), two-tone burgundy & creme/gold pearl
 (custom color available Jan. - March 2007), two-tone dark green envy pearl and light green
 envy pearl (custom color available April - May 2007) two-tone Jake blue sunglo and
 Elwood blue sunglo (custom color available Oct. - Dec. 2006)

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