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Please forgive the interruption of one final email from us this year.  Our nonprofit global marine conservation mission is fueled by your generous support. 

The holiday season is our most important charitable time of year.  Please consider giving a gift of any amount by December 31st, 2013 to secure a tax deduction which will be matched by our corporate partner PADI.  Your funds will go twice as far in protecting our ocean planet.

Our diver focused programs and global access are truly unique within marine conservation and the nonprofit environmental sector.  We are solution oriented and results focused and in 2013 over 70% of our funds went directly to programs to protect sensitive marine ecosystems and vulnerable marine animals.

Donate and PADI will Match Your Gift

This year was a pinnacle of over 20 years operations: 

a) We helped to secure historic global trade protection for 8 species of vulnerable sharks and rays including oceanic whitetips, scalloped hammerheads, and mantas.

b) Our one of a kind Dive Against Debris program removed and surveyed 55,405 kgs / 122,147 lbs of marine debris.  This was a greater total than 2012.

c) We secured multiple positive charity ratings for financial and organizational efficiency and transparency.  Project AWARE is listed as a 2013 Top Rated Nonprofit by Great Nonprofits.

We will appreciate and value a donation of any amount.  Donations $150 and over will receive an eco-ethical long sleeve shirt.

Together this year we’ve achieved some amazing ocean victories. Thank you!  I encourage you to make a tax deductible year end gift to help fuel critical ocean protection campaigns in 2014.

Thank you and we wish you all the best in the New Year.

For the Ocean,
Alex Earl Executive Director Project AWARE
Alex Earl
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation




Project AWARE Foundation - 30151 Tomas Suite 200 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 USA.


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On December 3rd divers made #GivingTuesday a day to give back to the ocean. Thank You!  There’s still time to make your tax deductible gift that will go twice as far. The great news is, our corporate partner PADI has chosen to continue matching your generosity up to $20,000 until December 31st.

As a special thankyou, you’ll receive a limited edition Project AWARE eco-ethical long sleeve t-shirt for your gift of $150, €125, £100.

Donate for your AWARE long sleeve t-Shirt

We value your donations and work to ensure a high level of efficiency and impactful results in the field.  I’m proud to report our global team has secured multiple positive charity ratings worldwide.  Please rest assured your gift makes a profound difference.  In 2013 together we’ve:

  • Delivered over 135,000 petition signatures to protect sharks and rays

  • Helped secure historic protections from the devastating effects of international trade for some of the world’s most vulnerable sharks and rays

  • Removed and reported 55 405 kg / 122 147 lbs trash from over 300 underwater dive sites

  • Witnessed the culmination of years of our long term work together pay off, as the EU implemented its shark finning ban

  • Clocked up an amazing 800km / 497 miles in the Finathon swimming to end finning

These victories would not have been possible without your support and generosity. To fuel more victories together in 2014 please consider a gift this holiday season. Happy holidays!

For the Ocean,
Alex Earl Executive Director Project AWARE
Alex Earl
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation

PS Please donate today to double your gift for ocean protection. The  first $20,000 in donations will be matched by PADI. 






Project AWARE Foundation - 30151 Tomas Suite 200 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 USA.

PADI Specialties 코스 이수

1. Boat Diver (보트 다이빙)
다이빙 보트의 종류 특징 행동절차, 입/출수 절차

2. Deep Diver (심해 다이빙)
깊은 수심(18m ~ 30/40m)에서의 다이빙 감압병/질소마취/색상 변화/사고력의 변화

3. Digital Underwater Photographer (디지털 수중 포토그래퍼)
수중에서 사진찍는 기술의 기본부터, 고급기술까지

4. Multilevel & Computer Diver (다중수심과 컴퓨터 다이빙)
단계적 수심으로 행해지는 다이빙과 컴퓨터 이용법

5. Peak Performance Buoyancy (고도정밀부력 다이빙)
중성부력에 관한 여러 가지 기술

6. Project Aware (수중 환경보호)
수중세계에 대한 지각과 책임, 그리고 교육

7. Underwater Navigator (수중 항법)
나침반을 이용한 수중에서 방향 찾기, 킥사이클 등

8. Wreck Diver (난파선 다이빙)
난파선의 역사부터, 특징, 주의점등에 대한 연구

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