The Citizen of the Month

You might think that Dive Gurus are just born that way. Completely knowledgeable. Savvy. Suave. And, of course, incredibly handsome. Unfortunately, it's not the truth. Ahem. Except for the handsome part.

It's somewhat painful to recall, but there was a time at which this particular Dive Guru wasn't quite the upstanding citizen that you see before you today. In fact, the young guru wasn't really upstanding at all. Call it youthful rebellion. Regardless, I share this experience today as a warning and hope you won't make the same mistake...





Society Members Support Project AWARE

Did you know that a portion of your PADI Diving Society membership supports Project AWARE Foundation? Plus, Society members are constantly active with conservation efforts. From small projects in their hometowns to larger projects during Society events ? Society members support Project AWARE.





The Greek Islands

The Greeks have long had an intimate relationship with the sea and it continues today. With more than 240 inhabited islands and a significant coastline, you'll find a wide variety of diving that includes wall, wreck, cavern and reef. Plus, the country's long history means you have the chance to see legitimate antiquities like amphora on your dives.






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