The Guru's Holiday Gift Guide

The Guru has a confession to make. The Guru is terrible when it comes to shopping. It's not an easy admission to make but that's the case. After making some rather unwise shopping decisions (Snuggies and ShamWows! anyone?), the Guru decided that some help was in order.

So here's the Guru's holiday gift giving tip – use a list. No more getting the divers on your holiday gift list something they don't want or don't need. Without further ado, here's the Guru Holiday Gift Guide designed specifically for you.




Give the Gift of Total Submersion

This holiday season, give the gift of Society's longest running event to yourself, your dive buddy or a loved one. Total Sub - Grand Cayman is jam-packed with boat dives, unlimited shore diving, an excursion to Rum Point, a chance to dive the newly sunken USS Kittiwake and much more. Add Total Submersion to your holiday wish list.









For having so many small islands, the area of Micronesia is a giant in the dive world. A region of Oceania, it is north of Melanesia and northwest of Polynesia. Although there are a number of islands and island states in the area, each of the main destinations — Palau, Yap, Guam, Chuuk — evoke images of world-class undersea adventure. The area is home to so many dream dive destinations that you can spend a lifetime island hopping and not come up for air for years.




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